About Pricing, Music Licensing and uses rights Important informations
I am a composer and a music producer that work in a large variety of genre : cinematic orchestral, electronic music, hip hop, songwriter/singer, world music, ambient... that mean i can surely help you find the exact needs of your soundtrack.

Feel free to reach me and tell me more about your project.
Custom Music
I am also writing music for library editors (Gothic Storm Music / Lovely Music) you can find some of my tracks there, if you want to use a track that is under their rights, feel free to contact them to have a contract too. Library Music
I'm a professional music composer registered under the P.R.O Sacem, this mean you can support me by buying my music (and i couldn't be enough grateful about that) for personal/private listening but you can't use it directly into your own project.

You can however use it in your film / show / promotion / anywhere you want but you must contact me or contact my P.R.O (sacem.fr) so that you can receive a contract that will govern the rates, rights and terms according to the use you want to make of it.
Music Licensing