about Hugues Leteve
I'm a music composer for film, TV, show, and all types of multimedia projects. 

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Hugues Létévé. Trained in sound professions at ISTS (Paris) from 2013 to 2016, I compose original music and i create sound design for cinema, internet, tv, and all other types of multimedia projects.

I can also ensure audiovisual post production and music mixing for your projects.

Scoring to pictures consists of writing and creating a music that will fit perfectly to your storyline, both in terms of rythm and place in the plot. The goal of a musical composition is to complete images, and not take over to produce the expected feeling in the viewer, and so plunge it by various means such as rythm, melody, harmony, texture in the universe of your film script.

My Curriculum Vitae

Hugues Leteve - Curriculum Vitae

The Production Process


Cue Sheet

First of all we will reflect together on the shape of your music, its athmosphere, the feelings it must convey. By using keywords or example we will define your needs to fully respect the aesthetics of your project. From that reflection I will elaborate a "cue sheet" that will define where and how the music has to appears in your project



Then come the work of pure composition, using my soundbanks and samples i will perform the orchestration and arrangement of the differents instruments and sounds to give consistency to your production in accordance with the cue sheet previously established


Mixing / Mastering

Once in agreement with your idea the music will be mixed and mazterised. Then i will send you the master files in a compressed/uncompressed format mp3/wav 44,1/48 Khz, 16 or 24 bits

My Courses

Music Conservatory

Bass Guitar
Music Theory

ISTS (Paris)

Mixing Techniques (Stero, 5.1)

My Studio

  • Daw : Cubase 9; Logic Pro X;  Pro Tools 10/11/12
  • Audio Interfaces : M-Audio M-Track Eight; Presonus Firestudio Mobile; Phonic Helixboard 18 MK II
  • VST : Komplete Ultimate SUite; Spire; Serum; Sylenth 1
  • Kontakt Soundbank : 8Dio; Native Instruments; Cinesample; Orchestral Tools; Spitfire
  • Monitoring : Neuman KH 120-A; Yamaha HS5; Warfdale Pro; Sony MDR-7506
  • Hardware: Komplete Kontrol S-61; MPC Live; MPD 32